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CeramTec in India – Advanced Ceramics for the Demands of the Indian Market

CeramTec India as part of the international CeramTec group sets standards in the area of advanced ceramics and represent the name CeramTec, our claim to be "The Ceramic Experts" and our passion for advanced ceramic materials and applications in the indian market.

Pumps and Pump Casing Applications – Ceramic Sealing Technology in Automotive Engineering

CeramTec India, in Panaji - Goa, India, is a sales organization of the CeramTec group and supplies advanced ceramic components for automotive, electronic, construction and industry sectors. With full access to all of the products made of technical ceramics to highest international quality standards by CeramTec's global production sites and divisions, CeramTec India meets the demands for technical ceramic components in India.

Advanced ceramics from CeramTec, as an international manufacturer and supplier, are used in the Automotive Industry, in Electronics, Energy and Environmental Technology, Equipment, Mechanical, and Medical Engineering and in many other applications. Correctly selecting the required ceramic materials, adjusting and adapting Advanced Ceramics to meet the respective requirements in the field of application, and optimally designing and manufacturing parts and components to take advantage of the special material properties of ceramics are core competencies of the ceramic experts and specialists at the CeramTec Group.

"The CeramTec group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technical ceramics and is specialized in the development, production and supply of parts, components and products made from ceramic materials."

With more than 3,500 employees and production sites and subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia, CeramTec as manufacturer and supplier has a worldwide presence.

Our Mission

The CeramTec Group aims to achieve profitable growth and become the global market leader. We view management policy as the cornerstone of our business activities. Our goal is to be profitable while conserving energy and protecting natural resources.

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CeramTec’s commitment to quality is an integral part of the company’s management policy – developing, manufacturing and selling products made of advanced ceramics in a manner that is cost-effective, ensures high quality and safety and is environmentally friendly.

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